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When you read about icebergs melting in the Arctic, it’s shocking but it’s so far away. The effects, however, are closer than you think. When you hear about another earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, avalanche, landslide, hurricane, tornado, you name it, you acknowledge that the effects are devastating. But it’s happening somewhere else. When scientists speak of climate change, they mention seemingly small shifts in temperature and weather. They’ve been talking like this for years and making projections into the future. At this rate, surely only generations far down the line will be affected, but not you! The fact is, you and the rest of us are already feeling its effects. Heatwaves, unexpected cold spells, wildfires, rivers rising, floods, droughts, no water. Not to mention the rapid extinction of species and shrinking habitats. As a result of the increase in harmful bacteria and diseases, climate change is now being seen as a public health emergency. Rural communities are becoming more vulnerable. Access to clean air and water, grazing and arable soils is being compromised and cultural practices and rural economies disrupted. It is hitting government and businesses where it hurts – the economy and the bottom line.


What is happening around earth and on earth is not some distant aberration. It’s not just affecting other countries. It’s affecting our own. Our land. Our wildlife. Our heritage. Our families. Our future. And you.

It’s personal.


You can’t alter the past, but you can join us in making significant changes in the present that will positively affect every individual’s future.


And we can do that right now. With your help.